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Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

"It's all about the animals"

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Welcome to your Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.!!!!!!!!! 
Golden "S" Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity (certification HERE). We provide canine and equine rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary. We are here for all neglected or abused animals, not just the pretty or perfect ones that it would be easy to find homes. Every animal deserves a safe, loving, forever home. We take tremendous pride in rehabilitating, training, and finding homes for the animals other "rescues" refuse to take.
We rescue the blind, deaf, handicapped, old and young. It makes little difference to us. If we can't find them a home, they stay here with us in a safe, loving sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.
If we find them a home, we personally transport them home. No matter where it may be. Our motto has always been "There's no such thing as too far when finding a home for a homeless soul".

We are here for abused, neglected, and unwanted animals

Our main goal is to help horses, dogs, exotic birds and other animals in need like Buddyroe here. He was a neglected 23 year old horse on the verge of death. Other so-called rescues would have had him euthanized, but we fed and loved him back to health. He is a permanent resident and has thrived here with us.
The rescue is located on a ranch in the Foothills of S.C.!!

Our rescue and sanctuary is located in a beautiful country setting. The perfect place to rehabilitate sick and/or injured animals or provide a safe and loving sanctuary for those animals that will live the remainder of their lives with us. 
Whether they are with us for a few weeks or for the remainder of their lives, every animal that reaches our rescue is loved and treated like a family pet. We are often told that our pets always look so happy in their photos. That is because they are. Every animal that leaves here, leaves knowing they are loved and wanted by at least one person on this earth.
We see each and every one as a lost soul in need of a loving forever home. They also leave knowing there is a space here for them if they ever have to come back. We actually tell each and every one this!!!

There are many ways you can help us and the animals we save!


  1. Adopt one of our animals in need of a home. We are an Adopt a Pet.Com approved shelter/rescue.

          2. Donate online via Debit, Credit, or Echeck at Paypal.






          3. Mail your tax deductible donation to:


Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

Easley, S.C.29642


          4. Volunteer!!!!!! It counts as community service.