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Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

"It's all about the animals"

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  Jim and Lynda C###o are thrilled to welcome to their family Chester Ravenel Cardo.  He is a two year oldish buff and strawberry blond ShihTzu. ( Insert here the pronunciation of your choice.  We are going with "Sheet Zoo" though our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, feels that one should take every opportunity to cuss legally in public!!)
  We found Chester last week on-line, at out of Easley,SC. (A most humane and worthy rescue shelter, if you are looking for a place to make a donation, remember these great people. That is Debra, the owner in the third picture.) We met him on Thursday, scooped him up and brought him home.  He was 24 hrs. from the "never-ending nap" when Golden rescued him.  We know nothing of his background!
  Our vet declared him fit, fine and adorable!  He weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs. and was ordered to drop four ASAP!  He has "soccer knees"- inherent to the breed, and an eye infection that he gets drops for.
   Chester road home very well in the car, found his water bowl on his own and thus far has done all his business in the designated natural area of the yard- with no in-house mishaps!  He is a pretty smart little fella.  He knows his name and comes when called.  Someone at sometime has taught him how to play fetch!  He started this game on his own and we get tired of tossing the squeaky bone much sooner than he does!  He looks manly in his desert camo collar, he is giving kisses on cue and he has stolen our hearts!
  Please consider this an open invitation to come visit us and meet our fuzzy faced little guy!
  Love,  Jim and Lynda


 Yes, LuLu has a new name, "Miss Agnes".  Both are doing great and Blue is one happy dog!  They've been checked out at our vet and Miss Agnes will be spayed in about 4 or 5 weeks.  Our vet, Dr. Taylor, has agreed to perform the procedure at a greatly reduced rate since she's such a sweetie and is a rescue (we'll send you the paperwork as soon as she's done).  They're both being treated for coughs he thinks are due to allergies; both are taking Temaril-P tabs twice a day and are responding well to the medicine.  As soon as I give them both a bath today, I will take some photos and video and send those to you as soon as possible.  I want you both to see how happy they are to be together again!


Debra and Rodney, you have made us very happy with these wonderful dogs.  We thought we'd never get over the loss of our Tyrone and while there's no dog that could take his place, we are so blessed to have these two in our homes and in our hearts.  You can be assured that we will love them and take care of them as long as they are on this earth!!


God bless you both.

Mary Beth & Gus Ta###ina