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Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

"It's all about the animals"

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Our sponsors and benefactors
This is just a partial listing of the many companies that has taken notice of our commitment and sacrifice and have either donated directly or given grants to our rescue.

We know that there are many, many more who have contributed in the past, and on an ongoing basis. If you have a logo and would like us to show the world that you care for animals as much as Golden "S" Rescue, Inc. Please send them to and we will gladly let everyone know that you have helped us continue to make a difference!

 PetSmart Charities

The Pedigree Foundation

The Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation Foundation


Roger's Feed and Supply

Sassie Savers


 Thank you to PetSmart Charities(R) for the grant to assist Golden "S" Rescue Inc. in caring for the 100+ pets we accepted when the State and county requested that we assist with the Bird Dog Rescue animal seizure. We are proud to say ALL eligible pets taken in by Golden "S" Rescue, Inc. have been re-homed! We are proud to be an adoption partner at the Greenville, South Carolina PetSmart store.

Thank you Pedigree Foundation for the generous grant to help us in our ongoing efforts.

Thank you to The Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation for the grant which allowed us to get a small building to house some of the pets received from the court seizure. A special thank you to Patrick and the local Home Depot on Calhoun Memorial Blvd. You have always been there when we needed you and when things were tight(which is always)!

Thank you to the Foundation for the Canine Influenza Vaccine grant. It allowed us to treat our pets and protect them from the virus.

Thank you 1800petmeds for the matching donations you make when customers use our special code when purchasing their pet's medicines. Just use the offer code "GSRINC" when placing your order, and 1-800-petmeds will make a donation to our rescue equal to 10% of your purchase. It truly is a win/win for everyone!

A special, special thank you to Jason and everyone at Roger's Feed and Supply. You have always been there when the rescue needed ANYTHING. You are truly the reason we are still around and thriving.

One of our first official sponsors. Sassie Savers. Thank you for your ongoing support. You have made a BIG difference to the rescue with the donations of food, cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash bags and more.  Everything that a rescue needs but never has enough of.