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Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

"It's all about the animals"

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to me

Deb and Rodney. 
Thought you might like to see some pics of the kids...Toby is such a doll; he is still very timid but he adores me so much. He spends most days that are warm and dry outside with the chickens and ducks or riding with me in the car. I bring him everywhere that I can!
Penny is a snugglebug and is all full of kisses for everyone. She loves to be under a cover  or in the laundry!
I have a full wardrobe for her but she hates clothes...she only has to wear them when she is outside or with me at the dog run. She also loves to go out in the yard and see the chickens. If its warm she will stay out with me as long as she can. When its chilly she wants back in!!

I see that you still have Tabias!. You have so many beautiful many people that have met Toby have asked me what he is and how to get if you still have Tab I will refer them to your site.
Toby is such a great boy and so good with the other dogs and chickens.
He loves to play with penny and its pretty funny when they really get to it on the bed...she leaps into his fur and jumps on him while he is laying on his back like a puppy.

Thanks so much for these two wonderful additions to our family. We are very happy.
I am sending another small donation to help out with whatever you need. I hope to be able to do more sometime this year. I can foster very small dogs (I have 6 now) and so am trying to keep it down, lest I fall in love again. I am building a bigger house, and will have a large barn, larger dog run and finished basement, so it wont be all that tight anymore, but its the hands on time that I want to make sure I can isnt going to be a problem;-)

Id love to eventually get a (rescue) french bulldog type of dog or a small english bulldog...maybe another Boston (my Lola passed away due to a brain tumor, but I still have Angelina here.)
Hope you are all well there...we have been busy here, as usual, and my son is going to college next year, so we are doing the visiting and applying....ugh! Take care!