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Golden "S" Rescue, Inc.

"It's all about the animals"

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The following are our most frequently asked questions.
  • What is the adoption process?
  • Where do your dogs come from?
  • Do you really adopt out of state?
  • Do you really transport your pets everywhere?
  • Is there a transport fee?
  • Can I visit the dog before I adopt him/her?
  • What if the adoption is not working out?
  • Can I donate more than what is shown on the website?
  • Can I make periodic donations throughout the year?

A: All applicants are required to fill out an application and have at least one phone interview with Debra and/or Rodney. A home visit may be required prior to approval, but not always. We use a number of criteria to determine whether or not a home visit is required.

A: We rescue our animals from local high-kill animal shelters. They are there for various reasons including: owner surrender, stray, neglect, and court siezure. Our horses are owner surrenders or court siezures.The birds, chinchillas, rabbits, etc are all owner turn-ins. 

A: Yes, we are not in the belief that all the best homes are "local". If they were, all of the local shelters (nationwide) would not be overrun with abused, neglected and stray animals!

A: Absolutely! We truly believe there is no such thing as "too far" when finding a home for a homeless soul.

A: In lieu of a delivery/transportation charge, we are requesting a donation to the rescue of 1 bag of adult dog food and 1 bag of puppy food. This is a love gift made in the name of the adopted pet to all of the other pets at the rescue still waiting to find forever homes.

A: Yes, After we have an approved application on file, you can set up an appointment to see the pet before finalizing the adoption. If the pet is in foster, it may take 7 days or more to make arrangements for a Director to be present to supervise a meeting.

Q: What if I decide the adoption is not working out?
A: We have always had a lifetime change of heart policy. If the adoption isn't a good fit, the pet is welcome back here and can stay here for the remainder of their lives. We are a true "no-kill" rescue.

Q: Can I donate more than what is shown on the website?
A: Yes! We are a true nonprofit and it is a constant struggle to raise the needed funds to continue saving animals and making a difference.

Q: Can I make periodic donations throughout the year?
A: Yes,Yes,Yes! Sadly, most people forget about the animals who are left behind and haven't found homes yet. We usually only have about 1/3 of our animals posted online at any given time. They are not posted for various reasons. Some are sactuary animals who will be here for life, others are being treated for their injuries, sickness etc. so there is always a need for donations of any size. In fact, donations of food, collars, bedding, and your time as a volunteer is appreciated as much as monetary donations. It all is tax deductible!